Dr. Erhard Vogel

Few people alive today have the knowledge, skills and integrity with which to make a personal impact on humanity that is lasting and profound in the deepest sense. Dr. Erhard Vogel, who has lived and taught among the sages in the Himalayas, has been guiding people to the innate knowledge of their true Self for more than thirty years. He is recognized around the world as a Master Teacher of Self- realization.

“You don’t have to take anyone’s word for the benefits of yoga. It doesn’t take long before you find your body and mind feeling so much better, more vital, more alert and energetic. The practice is easily enjoyable. Tensions disappear; your movements become more graceful. The yoga exercises stimulate circulation, strengthen the heart and very effectively regulate blood pressure.”

Erhard Vogel PhD

What is Yoga?
Yoga is the cultivation and maintenance of the state by which all your faculties – yourbody, mind, feelings, emotions, intellect, intuition) are in harmony with the experience of the real you. Yoga strengthens and stretches every aspect of your body and clams the mindand helps you bring it to focus, balances the feelings and emotions as you release all tension and create a state of effortless balance.

What is Meditation?

“When mind is steadily fixed, by will, on the Being that you really are, that is meditation.”

E. Vogel


Five meditation series comprise the Foundation Level of The Expert In Life™ Program. You can begin with any of the five series. Each series includes 8 Two -hour Classes and 8 Guided Meditations. All programs are available by correspondence, and all lectures, discussions and meditations can be accessed by EIL students on-line.


Workshops and Lectures
Stress Release Response Workshop The Workings Of The Mind: Concentration For A Fulfilling Life Flourishing In The New Millennium: Eye Of The Hurricane Self-Realization Through The Expert In Life Program The Four Fundamentals Of Meditation Positive Change That Lasts The 8 Steps To Successful Decision-Making Change- Large vs. Small

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Yoga For Life

Yoga strengthens your body, calms the mind, balances emotions, releases tension and more.

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Five meditation series comprise the Foundation Level of The Expert In Life™ Program

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