These Pearls of Wisdom are composed through the words and eyes of our beloved teacher of Self realization, Dr. Erhard Vogel. They can make a profound impact on your week and on your life. Please feel free print them and share the messages to your community.



In Order to be empowered and secure

you need to have absolute Trust in yourself.

To be able to consistently trust yourself,

always do what you say.

-Erhard Vogel


Only by relating to yourself

as the Power of Being that is the interconnecting Essence of all

do you feel truly united.

That is the End of Loneliness

-Erhard Vogel


The Impulses of Ego

are based upon a false idea of yourself,

thus whatever you do based on Ego,

can cause suffering

for yourself and others.

-Erhard Vogel


Integrity is not just about the big Things,

it is about Everything

-Erhard Vogel


Some People are so attached to their Suffering

that they prefer the Suffering

to freeing themselves from it.

You can be free.

-Erhard Vogel


The Brightness of Being

is the Light of Love.

-Erhard Vogel


When you love the Being you are,

you really love all,

because all that is, is Being.

-Erhard Vogel

Love is Universal

Love is universal,

not limited to Humans, neither to the Beautiful nor the Homely.

It is not to be attained, but realized as inherent to the experience of ourselves

as the Being we really are.

                                                                                                                                       -Erhard Vogel




Relate to Things as they are, don’t always want something else, otherwise you’ll never really have anything.               -Erhard Vogel